Chapter 3

Kawa Uo no Bu (川魚の部)
River Fish

  1. KOI 鯉 (Carp)
  2. MIGOI 見ごい (Carp look-alike)
  3. FUNA 鮒 (Crucian Carp)
  4. AYU 鮎 (Sweetfish, a Freshwater Trout)
  5. MASU 鱒 (trout; sea trout)
  6. SAKE 鮭 (Salmon)
  7. AME 水鮭
  8. WATAKA わたか
  9. MOROKO もろこ
  10. HAE 魦
  11. UGUI 鯎 (Japanese dace)
  12. HASU 鱧
  13. WAKASAGI わかさぎ (pond smelt)
  14. IDA いだ
  15. UNAGI 鰻 (Eel)
  16. DOJÔ 鰌 (Loach)
  17. NAMAZU 鱯 (catfish)
  18. HANZAKI はんざき
  19. MAGGAME 真亀 (Turtle)
    • Suimono
    • Sashimi.
    • ISHIGAME いしがめ (Clemmys japonica) has a variety of uses.

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